The Draft Solution is only allow to be successful because of the unbelievable amount of charitable givens of our brewery partners. Without them we could not work to improve our community.

Let’s build something together.

The Gilded Goat Brewing Company is a family owned brewery with its foundations in the European beer traditions and the influence of the Colorado beer culture. We treat our beer-making mission as a complementary blend of art and science using Colorado mountain water and fresh ingredients. We make beer that, like the goat, is adventurous, bold and balanced in its environment; comfortable on the edge.

Maxline Brewing’s commitment to quality malts, hops, water, and yeast matches our passion for brewing enticing beer. We believe a business should support the community, not the other way around. Make Maxline Brewing your own. Have suggestions for a brew? We want to hear them. Is your team playing? We’ll turn on the game for you. Want to take a palate trip?  Enjoy a taster tray of any beer you’d like to try.  Enjoy freshly prepared menus from local food trucks. Think of Maxline Brewing as your new living room!

To be present and a positive force in the lives of our guests, employees and our local community.
To have fun creating and sharing our liquid art with our guests.
To make premium, true to style, representations of German-style Lagers and Weissbier.
To make clean, consistently delicious and drinkable beer.
To continually improve our products and processes.

Matt and Michelle love craft beer! Like many other brewery stories, it all began in their garage. In 2009 after receiving a beer-making kit as a gift, Matt became intrigued with home brewing. He brewed batch after batch and entered home brew competitions. He won 80+ awards over three years! After much encouragement from family and friends who believed he had something special to bring to the Fort Collins’ beer scene, he bit the bullet in 2013 and started plans to make Rally King Brewing a reality. In 2015, Rally King Brewing opened its doors.

Jessup Farm Barrel House is founded on having fun and letting our creativity explore the myriad of possibilities blending beer has to offer. By blending beers with different fermentation variations we are able to create unique and original flavors. Our goal is to take the robust characteristics from the barrels, and blend to bring out the complexities and nuances of the flavors.

Located in the heart of Midtown Fort Collins, CO. Black Bottle Brewery not only brews awesome craft beer in house, but we also offer a full food menu through our full-service kitchen. With 40 different beers on tap, we offer a wide selection of our own pride and joy, but don’t shy away from opening up our taps to our friends in the industry around the area or even around the world.